Coronavirus Updates

Hello again friends and neighbors,

We wanted to give an update on what we have decided since the Governor has lifted some restrictions. We have decided to keep the policies we have in place now in order to ensure the safety of all our staff as well as the families we serve until everything has been fully lifted: 

We will be keeping the shorter office hours that we currently have in place but we will still be available to open by appointment after 12:00 pm. 

We will still only be allowing 5 people at a time in the funeral home. Masks are highly recommended but will not be required. 

Since churches will be able to operate at a limited capacity, however we have decided to continue with gravesides only. The 10 person graveside rule will be lifted but we ask that if attending that each of you continue to practice social distancing. We will resume church and chapel services once we are at full capacity per the state. Another reason for this decision is we are taking into consideration those that are responsible for cleaning churches and facilities. 

Again, we are doing all of this for the safety of each and everyone of you. The safety of those we serve and our communities is our utmost priority. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We pray that God will safe-keep all of us. 

God Bless You all! 

Thank you!